Detailed Information

Detailed Information

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HHdbVI contains considerably more information than HHdbV did. Apart from over 8,000 extra studies, also the solutions of tens of thousands of studies were updated, e.g. by adding sublines from primary sources.

Also, many endgame study enthusiasts reported thousands of cooks in studies.

Similarly to HHdbV, codes are included to be able to identify cooks, corrections and other relevant properties of the endgame studies. These codes are now available in the “Black” field.
U1: second solution (at move 1).
U2: cook; extra solution after move 1.
U3: incorrect; White is unable to fulfil the stipulation (in a win study Black draws or wins; in a draw study White loses).
U4: “super-cook” White can even win playing an alternative move in a study with a draw stipulation.
U5: illegal initial position.

(c): correction; i.e. original study was incorrect.
(m): modification; i.e. original study was {probably) correct, the improvement has another motivation.
(v): version (perhaps a correction or a modification).
(s): corrected solution or solution proposed for a study for which the solution was (probably) not published.

MC: too many composers’ names to fit. In the “White” field “NN” is addded. All the names of the composers are given as text before the first move.
TW: twin study (also triplicates, quadruplicates, etc).
AN: 100% anticipation. The whole study occurs as (a part of) another study in the database.
PH: posthumously published (could be one of the composers).
TE: theoretical ending (i.e. probably not an endgame study).
CR: colours reversed (the original stipulation was, for instance: Black to play and win).
TT: theme tourney.